About the Artist


Becky Pass is a mixed media artist and art student residing in central Maine.  She works in mediums such as graphite, charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and many others. She also dabbles in sculpture, photography, and photo restoration and colorization using Photoshop; cleaning up and giving new life to old black and white photos. 

As of late, Becky has started to shift her art style more towards abstraction. Her current project for her senior thesis at the University of Maine at Augusta uses an automatic style of painting and drawing. The project touches on the theme of mental health and personal narratives of Becky's life, and is an exploration of style, materials, and concepts.


Becky is 30 years old and has lived and worked in Maine her whole life. She is very much inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her and uses the Maine landscape in many of her drawings, paintings, and photographs