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Project Update

I'm really bad at updating this blog so I'm not sure what week this is.

With the deadline soon approaching for our senior show, I have been scrambling trying to get more pieces done. I have been working on three more with two started within the past few days.

This is my second blanket I've started, untitled at the moment, is much like the first one that represented the brain. This piece deals more with the neurons; the patterns of which fills the blanket and created with the idea of how the pain of mental illness fills our minds and lives.

This piece is roughly 40x40" on linen using ink, marker, and pastels. This is still a work in process at the moment and I plan on adding more color to it, mainly in the face.

Blanket number three, still untitled at the moment, is another big step out of my comfort zone that I've accomplished so far with this project. I had planned on doing only faces, but I've always enjoyed figure drawing so I felt like I should include more figure beyond just portraits. Why this is such a big leap for me is that this is somewhat based on me (but not my body entirely). I figure that if I'm bearing my mind and soul for this project that I should take it a step further and bear my body - The naked truth if you will.

This was also created to represent the feelings of depersonalization and disassociation that I felt during some of my hardest times a few years ago. There was a time where I didn't feel like a real person, that I was going through the motions, and watching my life from outside of myself. Reality was a myth to me back then. The figure is statue like, much like Venus de Mio (of course I cant really compare to that) - with a broken arm and broken face - a remnant of who she once was. This is also done with ink, marker, and pastels on linen and is roughly 26x30", and is still a work in process.

Finally, blanket no. 4 titled "Lament" is possibly my favorite piece so far. I again wanted to continue the idea of being stuck in thoughts of the past and how it still ends up rooting us in these moments that don't seem to leave. Sometimes its impossible to escape them. Marker and pastel on linen, roughly 26x30".

I suppose this one, and possibly the others, are more left open to interpretation.

The faces in these works have more of a contemplative expression compared to some of the early sketches before my blanket concept came to light. Another theme I somewhat address while creating these is meditation and the figures sitting with their thoughts. Healing and growth continues everyday, yet, there's yet to be an escape from the burden of mental illness. The biggest saving grace for me so far was mindful meditation practice because it did help greatly with managing my thoughts and my reaction to them. It cut down my depression, anxiety, and anger and I always like to suggest it to those who suffer similarly.

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