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Updated images and one new.

Post faculty critique update.

We had our second and final art faculty/ mentor critique earlier and the feedback was very positive and they made some more great suggestions. I know they're just doing their jobs, but they've all been incredible and helpful this semester, and their patience with me has been great. It's also a little bittersweet that things are coming to a close with only a couple weeks left of the semester.

On that note, here are some updated images and a new one!

Added more color and line work to this one.

"There's no Hiding", roughly 38x40".

More color and work to the ground. I didn't want to go too overboard with overlapping on the figure and I think I'm at a stopping point with this one too.

"Disassociate" - Roughly 28x29".

I added more color and line work. I'm torn on wanting to add more because I think It's at a good place at the moment. But I may still go back to it and add more.

"Lament" - Roughly 28x29"

"Break Myself" - Roughly 36x37".

Lastly, this is blanket no. 5 I have done. I'm not terrible thrilled about it, but I think I'm calling it done for now. I ended up meshing two of my concept sketches together. The narrative behind this one is based on my younger years when I would wear my hair down 24/7 so that I could hide my face - I had no self-esteem and terrible social anxiety back then, and wanted to address that part of my life somehow. The black and red color scheme is also attributed to my teenage years too because for some reason that was my choice of color scheme back then. The figure tearing herself apart is a concept I've had for a while for this project and felt it needed to go with this image. The "break myself to feel good" text is more about bad coping mechanisms that I experienced to deal with anxiety and depression - such as drinking and smoking.

I have at least one more blanket I have in mind that would incorporate more text. I was offered some contemporary artists to look at to garner some inspiration from with their work with text, so that is going to be my next step in this project.

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