• Becky Pass

Week 6-8

Things are coming together a bit more. In my indecisiveness, I was having a hard time figuring out mediums, narration, etc. Everything I have been doing so far in my project I decided to throw into a pot (more like a tin bucket), and stir my ideas around into a more coherent story.

I also had a burst of inspiration one night after work - that was to use recycled linen bath blankets from my work. These blankets, recycled to turn into rags, seemed like a good material to work on, not only does it tie into my story in a few ways, by how I wanted to go about turning them from "security blankets" to "insecurity blankets", in which mental illness tends to take away the feelings of warmth and safety. By cutting, tearing, and burning these blankets too do I want to continue with that feeling of brokenness and anxiety. 

Current work in process of "Cutting it Down", mixed media on linen, roughly 3 x 5 ft. In this I have used pastel, charcoal, acrylic paint, ink, markers, and pen (possibly other stuff). I had done a sketch many weeks ago and really wanted to use it; changing how I incorporated text in it (in which I really wanted to keep somehow). Its not too legible in these photos but I write how depression and trauma effects the brain, what areas, and how that plays on a person. I wanted to render the brain somehow, albeit, abstractly in this case, to make the illness more visible, rather than it always being an "invisible disease". I also felt that using a more automatic painting technique helps to narrate the uncertainties that mental illness presents. 

I have started another blanket, however, due to the current situation of the world and other factors, I haven't had much of a chance to continue working for a bit. I am also wondering where to pursue my sculptures for this project (which I will post later on). I am still playing around with concepts.

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